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Chest of drawers
Small pieces of        furnitures
Custom cabinetry
Painted furniture
     Reproductions of antique furniture: Stephane Baulo has a thorough historical knowledge of period styles. He also has the technical skills and patience to employ traditional woodworking and classic wood finishing techniques when creating finely detailed, completely authentic period reproductions. He knows that the true art of the craftsman lies in a capacity to be faithful to details - even to those that are not visible to the casual eye. While authenticity is important, so are the customer's needs. At this workshop, the client is free, for example, to specify dimensions of the piece so that it will blend with the dimensions of the room where it will eventually be placed.

 Original creations:Tell Stephane about an idea you have, a piece of furniture you discovered at a flea market, something you saw at a museum. He will work with you to design a unique and original piece of furniture based on your description, his research, his knowledge, and his expertise. You will have a unique and valued piece which you have had a part in designing.


Commode en cours de fabrication

 Après finition

   NB :Here is a partial list of the types of pieces Stephane has built. It is not a catalogue of what can be built in Stephane Baulo's studio. Those possibilities are almost endless.

For further information on any type of project, do not hesitate to contact us.